28 Oct

Every year, about 14% of American citizen relocates yearly.  In simple math, this means a lot of people.   For anyone among the 40 million people, many things run in their mind.  People require the best movers to help shift and set their stuff at the new home. One thing that eats your head is how to move the breakable items without damages.   You can get the tips of moving fragile items here! 

 When relocating, the first thing required involves getting the right packing material for the fragile elements.  The common ones needed include packing tapes, pliable cardboard, packing paper or the bubble wrap. 

 You must pack the plates by placing them in the small boxes and lining them by using crumpled papers.  The plates must be packed vertically, and each double wrapped with a bubble tape, then secured with tape.  Have a sheet of paper between the plates and avoid over packing. 

 Use the packing papers to wrap your glass material.  The crumpled paper is placed inside each glass.   People in need will read more here to have extra tips. The holding box must be laid with papers. 

 When packing lamps, as you read on this website, take the lampshade off and place it in another box separately.  Make sure the flat side is down first.  Ensure you wrap the base by using a bubble wrap and put it in the big box.  Take a tape and secure the bubble wrap.  You can view here for some tips. 

 If a person has to pack their picture frames, it will be good to read more now and have the box to use lined using papers.   The frame must be wrapped with packing papers and put inside.  Those with big frames must secure them using a moving blanket.   Click here for more

 When it comes to packing the fragile items, there are more tips to use.   The boxes used for packing must be labeled to make people know what is put inside. The labeling helps the team to treat the box with extra care.

 The boxes used must have some small space at the top such that when another box gets placed, there will be no damage, just as indicated in this site.  The breakable elements must be double wrapped.  When you want to avoid damages, get a moving company such as Ft Dearborn Relocation.   Clients can check their website and learn more about the benefits that come from their expertise.

 Those relocating need to use the above tips and see their fragile goods arrive without damages. Visit this website to read more.

See more here: https://youtu.be/Ckz0FgS3q6I.

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